Palin believes Obamacare is Failing America

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 (CNN) – Palin Thinks Obamacare is failing America

According to Republican presidential candidate, Sarah Palin, Obama’s promises of improvements that would come with the Affordable Care Act are completely misleading.

Some of these promises that Palin claims are now proven lies are: people who like their current health insurance plans would not lose their coverage, premiums would not increase, and taxes would not increase for those making under $250,000 per year.

Palin asserts that along with five years of failed policies, the American people are getting a “huge new government bureaucracy that strips hardworking Americans of their healthcare and replaces it with more expensive yet less quality coverage.”

Palin argues that Obamacare is a debacle, a policy implemented that is failing America. On her website, she calls Obama’s policy the “Unaffordable Care Act,” and the “beast [that] must be stopped.” She hopes to stop it by urging Senators not to fund Obamacare.

Through Obamacare, Palin argues that “Democrats are [forcing] hard-working Americans into a government-run health program that they are exempted from. Tell the Democrats to exempt all Americans. Tell them to defund Obamacare!” Through her website, she urges visitors to sign the petition that tells Congress to de-fund the Affordable Care Act.



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