Governor O’Malley Plans to Legalize Marijuana

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On November 13, 2013, Governor O’Malley announced his plans to legalize marijuana in order to improve the lives of working and middle class families. In the recent announcement, it is said that O’Malley plans to legalize the sale of marijuana out of medical dispensaries through which taxes will be applied.

O’Malley plans to utilizes the taxes applied to marijuana sales to helps schools across the country that are currently struggling with funding. These schools are concentrated in America’s middle-class communities. The funds from these taxes will ultimately be used to replacing outdated learning materials in order to create a better learning environment for children to succeed in.

O’Malley also plans to utilize the taxes to fund his “Skills2Compete” program which will help give adults and young adults gain the skills they need to be able to get a job in the competitive job market.


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