Senator Rand Paul Speaks Out Against Obamacare

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Senator Paul took the Senate floor on November 14, 2013 to speak out against the Affordable Care Act. He stated that this is not just about about health care, but it is also about freedom of choice. People are not able to choose what type of health care they want and may have to pay more for services that they do not want or need

Senator Paul used the Magione family as an example of people who are not able to keep the insurance policies that they want. “They had an individual policy they were happy with. They paid $300 a month. They are now going to be asked to pay $900 a month for things they don’t want and they didn’t choose to have.

He also stated that he had tried signing up for Obamacare but for the 15 times that he tried, he never got further than the ‘create an account’ page. Senator Paul addressed the President and said, “Something has to give. Mr. President, if you said we can keep our doctor, come forward and tell us why we can’t keep our doctor. Thank you very much.”

The full video to Senator Paul’s speech is below:



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