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Campaign Debt

Warren appears to be in debt due to her campaign but it is not the first time a candidate goes into debt. Hillary is still paying off the campaign in 2008. This debt that Warren is in is inspiring her to change the chamber’s filibusters if and when she is elected into office. She has a lot of merchandise for her campaign, lets just hope she sells as much as she can in order to start pulling herself out of debt before the elections. Her intentions on becoming president are pure but if she shows too much concern about advertising herself rather than focusing on her policies and speeches she will end up in debt with no presidential responsibilities. If she does end up in office will this mean America will continue being in debt or will she try to make that issue one of her first priorities as president. Although it is common for candidates to go in debt it should not be normal for America to stay in debt. Warren is doing a phenomenal job on getting her name out there and making sure America knows what she has planned for the future but she has a plan for this debt of hers as well as the one America is currently in?

Sarah Palin attacks Rand Paul

-Sarah Palin does not hold back, she tells us all how she really feels about Senator Rand Paul

-Palin strongly believes that government should not get involved in private markets because by doing so it will end productions. However, Sara believes that getting involved with private markets will lead to the ends of production. Job openings go from being based on skill and determination to patronage creating class prejudice from those who “artificially” held out of the market. In addition, this “Retaining Program” will also be funding programs for illegal immigrants by simply having them sign up for it.

– Palin is furious and believes  Paul’s decision is “despicable” because many Americans are currently out of a job. She thinks he is doing this to get more votes and his program does not back up what he stands up for which is to have true conservative principles.

Facebook Drama

Palin is on a role! She has managed to put Rand Paul on blast about his “Retaining Program.” These were not her exact words but she basically called Paul a phony when referring to his new program. According to Palin, Paul is not staying loyal to his true conservative principles. And as if this was not enough Palin decides to pick fights with more people this time with news agency CNN. CNN had invited Palin on their show with Piers Morgan. However she decided not only to decline the invitation but do so with a picture of her with a dead bear and at the bottom wrote “to busy.” She’s too busy to come on the show but not too busy to fight via Facebook. It’s obvious people against animal cruelty definitely are not voting for her after that picture. She seems to feed off of confrontation, why didn’t she just accept the invitation to make an appearance to get a few things off her chest? Could it be that she needs time to thing about her come backs on  live television which is why she sticks to internet trash talk giving her time to think about what she will respond to comments. If that’s the case then she needs to stop snapping on people and start practicing her come backs because soon she will be going up against other candidates in front of many Americans.

Palin would probably save all this heat for the debates otherwise she will run of out of things to say. She will most likely repeat herself during the debates or probably not have much to say, leaving her with minimal votes. Then all that trash talk will go tot waste because she will not be making the changes she claimed to do.


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