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Hillary Clinton On Women’s Rights

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The controversial topic of reproductive health and women’s rights has been a hot topic amongst political candidates across the country. Hillary Clinton recently reported to being an avid supporter of women’s rights and reproductive health.

Hillary believes that family planning should be easily accessible for every woman. This includes contraceptives such as birth control pills and if necessary, abortions. She believes that all women should be able to decide what is right for them and what they want to do with their bodies.

Hillary claims that she will “fight to protect the rights of all women including the rights to reproductive care”.


Fox News Sunday ft. MSNBC News

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Fox News Sunday


[3:20] The panel had interesting thoughts when asked about welfare state. Ryan mentioned that this

system has become “too cushiony.” Which lead to Palins’ respond about having welfare and work

programs be temporarily to prevent this permanent comfort.

[3:25] Republicans stress the issue about Americans becoming dependent on welfare and not taking the

job hunt serious. Paul states “If people continue to get comfortable with welfare and not bother to look

for a job they will forget what it is like to have an interview.”

[3:37] The entire panel disagrees with Obama Care but one candidate Ryan, in particular, was so upset

and shouted out that it was “Preposterous” to demand people to buy health insurance.

[3:45] Palin assured the viewers that if elected Obama Care will be gone. We’ll just have to leave that up

to the voters.



[4:10] Patrick informs America that he wants to revise No Child Left Behind by providing funds to schools

that need it rather than the schools who pass the state test.

[4:15] Warren believes that as time moves forward America goes backwards; for example the fact

that America remains the only country with low minimum wage. She hopes to change this and raise

minimum wage like other countries have.

[4:45] It seems that O’Malley is completely in favor of Obama Care; he sees it as a step in the right

direction for universal health care. Will there be any additions or revision of this care if he’s elected?

Will have to wait in see in the next debate.

[4:52] In contrary to what we have heard from the republicans on welfare state , O’Malley finds in

necessary to help those in need until they are pulled out of poverty. In addition to that Clinton wants

drug tests to be part of the welfare state application to “prevent having to support bad habits.”





Clinton Gives Back to the L.A. Community

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Los Angeles (CNN) – Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, gave back to the Los Angeles community by volunteering to feed the homeless and hungry.

As the holiday season approaches, she acknowledges the population of people living in poverty in the City of Los Angeles and realizes the importance of community work.

On Monday evening, she flew down to the city of Los Angeles to give a helping hand. Dressed in an apron, sweater, and gloves, Clinton scooped and served food to the homeless at the Los Angeles Mission.

Clinton believes in aiding those who are in need of a helping hand and isn’t afraid to personally extend her own hand to help the most needy communities. She looks to revamp the welfare state of the United States in order to provide opportunities to move out of poverty.