Vision Statement

Our Mission

Our mission is to create the finest possible news product and to present hard-breaking, national, and international news, as it unfolds. We deliver unparalleled perspectives across multiple categories, including political, medical, financial, technology, entertainment, and more.


At CNN, we know our news and want to share it. Our vision is for the network to be broadcasted to countries all over the world in English and the various regional languages. The journalists at CNN work around the clock, providing the latest news 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We provide live coverage and analysis of news across numerous categories. At CNN, our goal is to deliver accurate information to our viewers with speed so that they are well informed at all times.


Our Principles

Our endeavor is to remain true to the journalistic values that are the hallmark of CNN. We seek to maintain the standards of CNN’s journalistic excellence.



CNN is committed to achieving accuracy. We strive to present the truth to our audience. We strive to attain accuracy in our output by:

  • guarding against carelessness and omission of important news

  • continuously seeking and reporting the truth

  • reporting information we have found to be false

  • avoiding technological manipulation: distortion of text, images, sounds, and media (however, photo and video enhancement for clarity is permissible)

  • checking and cross checking our facts

  • promptly and appropriately correcting errors upon discovery

  • ensuring that all sources are reliable and that our stories are based on evidence


CNN’s objective is to provide the best possible news coverage to the public. We want to provide our audience with a broad variety of news, not just news about what is happening in Washington or in the Middle East. We provide full coverage about political issues but we also provide our audience with news about sports, entertainment, technology, healthy living, business, and other trending topics. CNN strives to provide the most neutral and unbiased stories to our audience so that they can obtain the most accurate information. We consider a range of varying perspectives and treat controversial subjects, as well as all other subjects, with impartiality.



CNN is fair to those who contribute to the research and also to the viewers. We respect the contributor’s privacy. We make sure to gain legal access to content before we begin recording on private property. CNN treats all subjects of news coverage with respect and dignity, without discrimination. We present a diversity of expressions, perspectives, and ideas. We deliver accurate information because we are devoted to gaining the trust of our audience.



CNN aims to provide breaking news to its viewers without any biases or distortion of the facts. Due to the highly controversial nature of many subjects related to politics and world news, CNN balances all information provided by interviewing and seeking information from knowledgeable experts on each side of the topic. By providing the most current, breaking news, viewers are often provided with information that changes due to new updates about the situation, therefore CNN strives to update viewers as soon as new, reliable information is received by reporters and researchers, both onsite and in the newsroom.

  • CNN’s vision is to ensure that the information that is provided is backed by facts rather than rumors.

  • CNN does not stimulate information in order to get more viewers or readers.



At CNN, integrity is the ultimate importance to the brand. Structures are created to maintain it. Stories are viewed by producers, other organizations, and at times even lawyers before they are announced to the public. Our aim is not to address a certain point of view but to deliver comprehensive journalism. CNN does not plagiarize its news. In addition to the integrity of our news, CNN believes in upholding the integrity of its viewers by providing them with objective news with the intention that the viewers are fully capable of forming intellectual and analytical observations and ideas based on the facts provided to them.





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